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Hey, BluMiu here ;) Heard from an aquintance this was a good site for viewing/sharing artwork, so here I am. I'm an artist by calling and working on my writing skills alongside it on a personal project. Hope to see a lot of great things and have fun~

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Year is Almost Up!

Posted by BluMiu - 1 month ago

Things have changed LOL! Back to being a single lad again, an odd transition after some years, but in the end was for the best. You make a lot of exceptions in the illusions of love, realize things during and...it's not what you thought y'know? No more farting (yes lol), arguing and silliness. I'm being smarter about things and avoiding similar choices, not that they are bad ladies, but I know what certain personality types will lead to and how they aren't compatible. There are lady friends and potentials, yet I think being single is best right now. No desire to mingle seriously atm.

I'm doing pretty good money-wise with being able to get commissions (though most are for games people plan on releasing, so can never upload until or get permission), plus pizza chef, so I HOPE to travel a bit before I move early next year. Still plan on Japan and did my cost estimates and should be able to do it, just...need to factor in a car I've been putting off while saving (work is walking distance). I at least want a few months worth of rent paid beforehand, either just have it out of the way or free-time to work on my novel and art.

I find my job fun and allows me to be creative, but no matter how much people say I should open up my own pizza place, drawing is where it's at for me. That's the goal, I'm doing some practice from courses on ArtStation, so those practices might pop up on here at some point.

May Hong Kong be free, Epstein didn't kill himself and praise Jesus XD Until next time. Miu away